How Long Does It Generally Take for an Uncontested Divorce to Go Through in Georgia?

An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree they don’t want to be together anymore and have resolved issues concerning custody, visitation, and child support if they have kids, as well as the division of property and of debt. If everybody agrees, it takes the lawyers a couple of days to get the paperwork ready. Once we file the petition for divorce with the court, we can get a final decree after just 31 days...Read more

What is an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia?

Every divorce case can be considered either contested or uncontested. If a divorce is contested, it means that there are issues that have not been resolved between the parties and will need to be resolved by a judge, a jury, or a mediator…Read more

An Easy Way for Spouses to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

A divorce can be one of the most difficult events in a person’s life. Even when both spouses agree that divorce is the best option, separation can often cause financial difficulties, be confusing for the children, and place an enormous amount of stress on the couple. If the spouses cannot agree on the terms of their separation, they could spend even longer in this state of uncertainty as the divorce is decided in court.

Much of the time, stress, and cost of separation can be alleviated by seeking an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse can agree on child custody, parenting plans, and the distribution of your assets, we have a good chance of finalizing your uncontested divorce in a matter of weeks. Call our office today to speak with a Columbus divorce attorney about your options.

Services We Provide to Spouses Seeking Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

Attorney Valerie Long helps her clients proceed as smoothly as possible through family law courts in Georgia. We believe that divorce should be as painless as possible for our clients, getting them a fair settlement and fast resolution to their marriage. We go over all of your options with you on your first visit, discussing all aspects of your divorce case and discovering potential problems that could cost you or delay your filing. We simplify the process, allowing you to make difficult decisions with confidence.

The benefits of using our legal team for your uncontested divorce include:

  • Convenience. Even if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, the divorce will not be legal unless you file complete and accurate documents. Both you and your spouse must sign and notarize all forms pertaining to your separation, including settlement agreements, financial declarations, property division, support schedules, child custody agreements, and detailed parenting plans. We draft and prepare all documents and go over each item with you, ensuring that you are happy with your choices. After you sign the paperwork, we file them with the appropriate court on your behalf.
  • Control. Only you and your spouse know the specific details of your family and home life. As a result, it will be up to you to decide which spouse receives certain assets and where the children will live. We work with your input, drafting a sustainable parenting plan that will work for the foreseeable future. Not only does this give you the greatest amount of control, but it also reduces the likelihood of going back to court in the future.
  • Privacy. We believe in keeping your personal life and finances private. If you and your spouse are on agreeable terms, there will be no need to have the divorce papers served by the sheriff; we can minimize disruptions and gossip. We do everything possible to keep divorce proceedings civil and dignified.

Even if you and your spouse do not agree completely with the terms of your divorce, you may still be able to file for uncontested divorce. We can work with you to settle any outstanding problems or minor disagreements, helping you find common ground and come to a mutual understanding. In some cases, spouses simply need guidance through arbitration or mediation, giving them a chance to understand the legal consequences of their actions. Once they gain a fuller understanding of the law, most spouses are willing to compromise. However, if you find that you cannot decide on the terms of separation and insist on taking your case to court, we will be happy to refer you to an attorney in the area who can help you move forward.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional legal services at affordable rates for clients throughout Georgia. We collect no fees for your initial consultation, helping spouses understand their options whether they retain our services or not. Call the number on this page or fill out your contact information to make an appointment in our Columbus office today!

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