The cost of finalizing an uncontested divorce can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on where you live and the details of your marriage. For instance, spouses who agree to the terms of their separation have a much better chance of spending less to make their divorces final, as do spouses who do not have minor children and do not own any property.

Factors That Influence the Cost of an Uncontested Divorce

Since contested divorces are usually settled through expensive and lengthy court cases, filing for an uncontested divorce already drastically reduces how much your divorce proceedings will cost. In fact, some divorcing couples may be able to complete their uncontested divorces for the costs of filing fees alone.

The amount you could pay to file for an uncontested divorce depends on:

  • If you represent yourself. You may be able to save on costs if you do not want to hire an attorney for your divorce, but you will likely have to do much more work as a result. You will still need to purchase, print, and complete the appropriate state-specific forms and documents necessary for your divorce to be legal, deliver these to your spouse, and ensure that they are filed correctly and on time.
  • If you need the help of an attorney. If you hire a lawyer to handle the filing of your uncontested divorce, your costs will be determined either by a flat fee or an hourly rate. Many attorneys can also be hired simply to look over your documents for accuracy and top spot potential problems, which may cost less than representation.
  • Filing fees and additional costs. No matter whether you are represented by an attorney or not, you and your spouse will be responsible for any court costs and filing fees necessary to finalize the paperwork. Georgia filing fees for an uncontested divorce are generally around $200, and for an additional fee, the sheriff or an appointee from the court can deliver your petition to your spouse.

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