Uncontested Divorce in Georgia.- trusted divorce lawyer - Valerie Long, Attorney at LawIn an uncontested divorce there is no real benefit to the party that files. It doesn’t matter whether the husband or the wife files because all issues in the matter are already resolved and recited in the Settlement Agreement. There are no court hearings, therefore neither party “presents their case” first. In an uncontested divorce the paperwork is submitted to the court, the judge signs it and it is done.

Do You Have To Be Separated In the State Of Georgia Before Filing For An Uncontested Divorce?

Some states require a separation period of 12 months, but Georgia does not. In Georgia, we are required to list a separation date, which could be yesterday. But once you file the divorce papers, if you reconcile or live as “husband and wife”, the other party can contest the divorce and have the case dismissed. If you would like to proceed with a divorce action, a new case must be filed. Make sure you really want to dissolve the marriage before filing.

Are Parenting Classes Or Seminars Required Before An Uncontested Divorce Can Be Granted In Georgia?

Divorcing parents with minor children must attend a parenting seminar. In Columbus, Georgia, you can do it in person or you can do it online. There is a one-time fee of $60 to $70, depending on the provider. You will attend a meeting or a one-time session online, then, the provider will email a certificate of completion. The certificate must be filed with the court prior to a judge granting the Final Decree of Divorce.

Is There A Waiting Period Before A Divorce Can Be Finalized In Georgia?

Once we file your complaint, your verification, the acknowledgment of service and consent to trial (which is really not a trial but consent to proceed with a Final Judgement and Decree of Divorce), there is a 31-day waiting period. This is to make sure you really want a divorce, and 31 days is the time frame the State of Georgia has determined to make certain of that. We cannot submit the Final Judgment and Decree for the judge’s signature until 31 days have passed since the date of filing.

Is The Divorce Finalized After The 31 Day Waiting Period?

Yes. Note that either party can appeal the final decree and judgement of divorce in a uncontested divorce within 45 days, but such cases are rare.

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