At Valerie G. Long, Attorney at Law, we are legal professionals who have practiced bankruptcy law for nearly two decades. We make it a priority to work closely with clients throughout the entire bankruptcy process, keeping them well informed at every step.

If you have found yourself in so much debt that you just cannot seem to get out of, it might be time to meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to find out what options are out there for debt relief. We can assist you with the following situations.

  1. We can speak with your creditors and debt collection agencies to get them to stop calling.
  2. We will work with you to fill out all paperwork and ensure that it is all filed correctly and on time.
  3. We will be in constant communication with you through each step of the bankruptcy process, keeping you informed of what is going on with your case.
  4. We can teach you about the process, since bankruptcy can be challenging when you are not familiar with the law. Guiding you through the steps will save you time and frustration, while avoiding mistakes.

If you need debt relief, Valerie G. Long, Attorney at Law has the expertise to advise and guide you. If you live in or near Columbus, GA, call (706) 940-0594 for a consultation.

What Should I Know About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy. Once you file, a trustee will review your documents and hold a meeting of creditors. In that meeting, they will have an opportunity to ask you questions about your finances and assets. Within a couple of months, you will get a notice of your bankruptcy discharge. Below are some things you Need To Know About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

  • You must qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy by passing the means test. Most people who earn below the median income of their state can pass the means test.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy can erase debt such as credit card debt, medical bills, car loans deficiencies, personal and payday loans, utility bills, and judgments from credit cards and debt collection agencies. These are called dischargeable debts.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot erase debts such as child support and alimony, recent tax debts and government fines, and student loans.
  • Secured debts are those that you owe for specific property. If you would like to keep the property, such as a car or house, you will need to continue the payments on that specific debt and must be current on your payments for that secured debt.
  • There are exemptions that will allow you to keep most of your property, such as cash, cars, clothing, and furniture. There are exemption limits, however.

If you are considering bankruptcy and have questions, it is best to contact an expert Bankruptcy Attorney sooner rather than later. The legal professionals at Valerie G. Long, Attorney at Law will help you decide what is right for your financial situation. If you are located in or near Columbus, GA, call (706) 940-0594 for a consultation.

Columbus, Georgia Bankruptcy Creditor Attorney

When individuals file for bankruptcy, creditors are usually left to absorb the losses. If you are a creditor and have received an automatic stay, which is an injunction that prohibits creditors from seeking payment of debts, then you still have the option to attempt recovery from the court. At Valerie G. Long, Attorney at Law, you will find an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Assisting Creditors with their recovery efforts. Our office will be able to look over the debtor’s petition and determine what course of action can be taken to attempt to recover part or all of your loss.

If you need assistance recovering losses from a bankruptcy automatic stay, an expert Bankruptcy Creditor Attorney at Valerie G. Long, Attorney at Law will help you seek other options for recovery. If you are located near Columbus, GA, call (706) 940-0594 for a consultation.