At Valerie Long, Attorney at Law, we specialize in bankruptcy law. An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer can answer all your questions and guide you in finding the right plan to alleviate that mountain of debt you cannot seem to get out of. To consult with the Best Bankruptcy Law Firm in the area of Columbus, GA, call (706) 940-0594.

At Valerie Long, Attorney at Law, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney will help you decide if bankruptcy is a viable option for you, and more specifically, if Chapter 7 is the right way to go for your individual situation. In order to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual must pass a means test. If the individual does not meet the requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they might need to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows a person to discharge most debt, Chapter 13 is structured so that a plan is created so that the individual pays down their debt. At our firm, you will work with an affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney and/or an Affordable Chapter 13 Lawyer. If you live in or near Columbus, GA, call (706) 940-0594 for a consultation.

How Do I Find the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Me?

If you are even considering bankruptcy, it is advisable that you seek guidance from an experienced Debt & Bankruptcy Lawyer. A Bankruptcy Law Attorney will be able to find areas to save you money and relieve you of even more debt than you would if you attempt to file for bankruptcy on your own.

When searching for a bankruptcy attorney, you should take into consideration any specialization of the attorney. For instance, if you own a business and would like to file bankruptcy for the business, you would need to look for an experienced Small Business Bankruptcy Attorney to assist you. You should also take into account the fee structure of the law firm. Lastly, you want a bankruptcy lawyer with whom you feel comfortable. This attorney will be your advocate and guide through what is often a very confusing process. You should be comfortable asking your lawyer questions.

Besides just performing an online search for Bankruptcy Lawyers near you, you can also search two different online resources. The first is The American Bar Association (ABA) and lists all lawyers and firms that meet its standards. You might also look at your state’s bar association. You can also search through The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA). This association’s members are only bankruptcy attorneys. Membership, however, does not guarantee experience or quality of services. You need to consult to find the Best Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney for you.

You should speak with a few different lawyers until you find the right “fit.” To sum up, you should hire a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy, has a fee structure that fits your budget and your individual case, and you feel comfortable sharing personal information and questions with.

If you live in or near Columbus, GA, consult with our expert Bankruptcy Attorneys at Valerie Long, Attorney at Law. We can answer all your questions and guide you through the process fitting of your individual situation. Call (706) 940-0594 for a consultation.

What is the Role of a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Bankruptcy requires many critical decisions to be made from the thought of filing bankruptcy all the way until debts are discharged and the process is complete. A Bankruptcy Attorney will explain and guide you through each decision along the way.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer will counsel and help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you or if there is another route you could take. If it is decided that bankruptcy is the appropriate plan for you, the lawyer will then help you decided if you should file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 based on your assets and debt.

Once these decisions are made, the lawyer will collect all documents and fill out paperwork needed to proceed. This will include information about your income, debt, and assets. After that, the bankruptcy attorney will represent you in hearings where you will meet with creditors and a judge. The attorney will represent your best interest, should a creditor challenges your case.